Kyoto has been called the "eternal" city which had been a capital city of Japan more than a thousand year. It is also well known as a city which developed its industries long time ago as well as a city known as a tourist city.Kyoto is a town where Nishijin brocade, the Yuzen Process, and so many traditional industries has been produced and developed. The refined skills which have developed these traditional industries are being handed down even now. Old and new cultures coexist in present Kyoto, where we sometimes feel that we are facing danger to be swallowed up by the rapid current. However, we, Kyo Print, will always try being against the current and offering high quality and gentle products in order to support products newly born through the traditional skills and to have the products worn by as many people as possible from now on. To launch out into the world with joy in sending messages from Kyoto, we, Kyoto Print Dyeing Cooperative Association will keep supporting all our partners.

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〒615-0863 京都府京都市右京区西京極堤町24

  • ■ On Hankyu Kyoto line from Kyoto or Osaka Get off at Nishikyogoku. 5 minutes walk to the north side from the station.
  • ■ On Kyoto City Bus 80 from Kawaramachi Gojo or Karasuma Gojo Get off at Kokajoshigakuen-mae and 10 minutes walk to the south.
  • ■ By car On Route 1 or 24 Turn to the west at Horikawagojo intersection. After 15 minutes ride, turn to the south at Gojotenjingawa intersection. Go to the south and turn to the east at a coffeehouse.